March 2019

Learn To Shoot IDPA


We will hold a learn to shoot IDPA/USPSA/STEEL class 9am Sunday April 28th at the clubhouse. Any member or guest that is interested in learning to shoot any of the action sports without having to shoot in a match SHOULD take this class. We will cover the basic rules of match shooting, what to expect at your first match, work with SIRT training guns till everyone is comfortable and safe then shoot some stages in the indoor range. All you need is a pistol, strong side outside the waistband holster (kydex is best)  & a box or two of ammo. If you don't have something ask and we can provide some equipment. The cost of this class is only $10.00 and we will provide the SIRT laser training guns, targets, & NRA certified instructors/IDPA safety officers. To register for this class or if you have any questions please email me (Steve Grindell) at