Bass River Rod & Gun Club Is Now Accepting New Membership Applications
We are now accepting applications for membership. New applications must be completed by you and your sponsor and submitted with your check. Your check will not be cashed until after the Board of Directors' vote. The Membership Committee meets each month from March through October. Submit applications for membership two weeks prior to the first of each month. Thank you, Ed Teague, Chair.

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Membership Application

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to join the club?

There is a $175 non-recurring initiation fee, plus $175 membership fee to join the club. After the first year, you would pay $175 to renew your membership.

What is involved in getting started as a member?

After the Board of Directors have voted on your application, you must (A) take our two-part range orientation program (click HERE for details), and (B) volunteer for 8 hours of service to the club.

What if I don’t have a sponsor?

You must have a sponsor to join the club. Contact our Membership Chair, Ed Teague – you may find that you know several members who may be willing to sponsor you for membership. Alternately, you can shoot at the shotgun range or enter one of our shooting events that are open to the public. By participating in those events and sports - that are open to the public - we can get to know you, and you can get to know us. Sponsorship opportunities are likely to open up for those that actively participate in our public programs.

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